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Every company listing receives two property websites (micro sites) – a branded version identifies the listing agent and is used by the listing agent to contact their own clientele. The second version is unbranded with no listing agent identification or contact information. As listing agents, we furnish the unbranded micro sites to other agents. These unbranded property websites are always available to our company agents, and can be sent to other members of the Park City and Wasatch Front MLS’s or any other agent worldwide (foreign language translation is a standard feature of every micro site).

The standard micro site offers an excellent summary of property data and professional still photography. Click on www.thechateauxb282flyer.com for an example of a standard unbranded micro site. An enhanced micro site for a similar property that recently sold added a video with voice over and a detailed rental history. Click on www.a417chateauxflyer.com to see this enhanced version. Other common enhancements include floor plans, areal videos, CC&R’s, inventory lists, etc., depending on the location and type of property. We enjoy working with the property owners when possible in crafting the perfect package because we consider owners to be the experts on their own property and they know what motivated them to buy that property.

Once the property website is complete (within a few days of signing the listing), we as listing agents select the agents who are active in that type of property or price range or geographical area, and send those agents a personal email containing the micro site link and a brief “elevator sales pitch”. The agents receiving our emails can then chose to send the link along to any of their clients or prospects they feel may have an interest. That agent can imbed the micro site link in their own brief sales message and take full credit for the property website. The end result is that a qualified potential buyer (as judged by their own agent) receives a complete and visually attractive package of information within days of the listing going active. The potential buyers agent has a reason for immediate follow up and if we can generate many simultaneous initial contacts, the chances for competition among buyers is increased.

By utilizing Google analytics, we can measure the distribution of the initial package i.e. how many link messages were forwarded to clients/prospects in what locations. If, in the first week, that number is low, It tells us that our value proposition has not been convincing to other agents. This allows rapid follow-up with buyers agents to uncover the reason(s) for lack of interest – was it the price, the location, the carrying costs or something else? By addressing any problems quickly, we can recommend changes before the listing becomes stale. Studies show that the first two weeks of a listing’s life are the most productive for drawing buyer interest. If, on the other hand, our distribution campaign is effective and directed to our main feeder markets, we can focus our attention on follow-up, answering questions and arranging site visits.

Does this approach always work? Of course not. Is it more work for us as listing agents? Definitely! – but that’s what we get paid for and it’s the most important reason we don’t discount commissions. We know that this proactive approach produces much better results for sellers than the passive approach that others rely on. We see our challenge as selling your property at the best price in the shortest time, not as tacking up signs and waiting for buyers to find us.

If this unique approach makes sense to you, contact us for a listing discussion and we can show you exactly how this works.

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