We do the digging for you.

In a marketplace loaded with unique properties, locations, and prices, there are enough potential variables to make your head spin. We see our role being to help you to identify the right options to meet your needs and budget. This may even include seeking out options that others may ignore.

  • Consider an improving neighborhood: Our Golf/Ski communities have evolved over the years. What new visitors see as a snap shot in time, we see as a slow motion movie that we have watched for many years. Changes in city and county planning, transportation and construction can all signal changes to a community. Early entrants into improving communities can be rewarded for taking a chance.
  • Consider a cosmetic fixer or renovation project: Many buyers shy away from cosmetically unattractive properties. Our experience in construction and renovation has shown that simple and inexpensive enhancements often produce real value.
  • Consider new projects: New projects often take many years to travel through the approval process. We follow those journeys and we often know the developers, builders, and architects involved. Often early buyers who can live with construction inconvenience find “phase one” pricing in successful projects very rewarding.
  • Consider new construction: Price is not the only reward worth seeking. Often price is secondary to finding the look and functionality that exactly fits your requirements. We have worked with many of the best builders and architects and we can provide suggestions for buyers to consider. In these situations our greatest value to buyers is in finding the perfect building site and monitoring construction progress for out of town owners.


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