Our subject matter is largely made up of questions we are asked by clients and other individuals considering Park City as a place to own or to visit. Most of the questions we are asked pertain to our Golf and Ski communities, but we welcome any questions relating to the Park City market or any real estate topic. We will address every question honestly and answer to the best of our ability. We respect our competition but we don’t shy away from discussing differences in product and services when asked. In addition to answering your questions, we enjoy sharing stories of our clients successes, open houses and Golf, Ski and community events of significance.


We Are Bullish On Park City and Deer Valley

By Darrick Olsen
Nov 24, 2014

Bulish on Park CityAfter spending two full days scoping out real estate, everything we have seen tells us the real estate market is improving and will keep improving.   Not only is new construction underway in every neighborhood we visited, each neighborhood has multiple homes in various stages of construction and re-model.  It seems spending $4.5m for a home and another $2m remodeling it is the new normal.   The dramatic increase in the amount of commercial construction provides additional validation that we are in a Bull Market.  Not a speculative market, but a solid and legitimate increase in real estate prices and value.   What did we confirm on our two day tour?   Approximately 90 percent of the new residential construction are custom built homes.  An almost equally large percentage of development product has reservations made and end users waiting.   The commercial development under construction is owner use or has already been leased.  Overall inventory is low.  So, what's missing? Answer:  New homes in ski and golf communities.  It's no secret buyers want new.  It is very difficult to find a buyer a new or very recently remodeled and updated product of quality that has a modern/contemporary, new and fresh feel; and a simple, functional floor plan.  Not only did Joe and I spend two full days last week, we spend at least one day a week every week - much like a picker hunts for art and antiques - looking for the best lots, builders, architects and locations for our clients.  We know Park City, Deer Valley and the surrounding areas.  If you want to know what we know, give us a call or contact through our web site.  Bulish on Park City

Market Snapshot The Colony Ski-in/Ski-Out at the Canyons

By Darrick Olsen
Oct 15, 2014

A quick snapshot of Real Estate stats in the Colony shows the importance of location. In 2013, there were 7 single family home sales ranging between $2.25million and $4.8 million with an average price of $4.25 million. To date in 2014, there have been three single family sales between $5.4 million and $8.5 million with an average sales price of $5.76 million. That is a 35 percent increase. Currently, there are three pending sales single family sales with a listing price between $4.99 million and $8.4 million and an average listing price of $6.34 million.

In 2013, 16 building lots sold between $950,000 and $3.5 million with an average sales price of $1.45 million. So far in 2014, 18 lots have sold between $1.19 million and $3.05 million with an average sales price of $1.61 million. That is an increase of twelve percent in sales volume for the first 10 months of 2014 and an average price increase of just under a five percent in sales price. The news for the real estate market at The Colony is that sales volume should be equal or be better in 2014 than in 2013 and the average sales price in 2014 is up considerably.

This is a further indication that along with the excellent local economy, Vail coming to Park City is having positive impact on the real estate market. The Colony is a premier ski-in/ski-out luxury residence location at the Canyons Ski Resort.  We are locals living in Park City and are always excited to help you navigate this incredible ski terrain, as well as our real estate territory.

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