Our subject matter is largely made up of questions we are asked by clients and other individuals considering Park City as a place to own or to visit. Most of the questions we are asked pertain to our Golf and Ski communities, but we welcome any questions relating to the Park City market or any real estate topic. We will address every question honestly and answer to the best of our ability. We respect our competition but we don’t shy away from discussing differences in product and services when asked. In addition to answering your questions, we enjoy sharing stories of our clients successes, open houses and Golf, Ski and community events of significance.


We Ride Engel & Völkers

By Darrick Olsen
Dec 25, 2018

I Ride EVAdmiration is not an inherent feature of a brand. It is an attribute conferred by others.  Brands are admired only to the extent that their patrons consider them admirable. The reason E&V is so well admired is that our services are highly valued by us and by others. In addition to the E&V brand, our personal clientele perceive that Joe and I have qualities that set us apart.  We link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context with total passion.
Most important, we exceed the expectations of our clients and colleagues.  Regardless of the "norms", we shred our own path. We are not different for the sake of being different.  We are different because we are true to our authentic selves.  We are different because we enable achievement of the purpose of our individual client's goals.
Joe and I have an innovative approach and unique products. Creating the appropriate circumstances relative to a mutually beneficial outcome drives our passion for accomplishment. We know that when choosing a spokesperson to represent them, our clientele value the power of the E&V brand and the knowledge and expertise that Joe and I provide.

Merry Christmas

By Joe
Dec 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from Park City, UtahJust a line from a children's story book but it says so much.

"It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more. " Dr. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  And if you don't celebrate Christmas we wish you the happiest of holidays filled with love, happiness, peace and joy!

What do you offer your clients?

By Darrick Olsen
Dec 13, 2018

Knowing where to find the best real estate values is much the same as knowing where to find the best snow.   When we ski with our clients, we find them the best snow on the mountain.    When we show real estate to our clients, we find them the best real estate values in town.  If it's a ski property, golf property, vacation home or primary residence, we know the market.   It can be a Deer Valley, Park City Resort or Canyons Village ski property.  It could also be golf property with numerous ski amenities in areas like Tuhaye, Red Ledges or Promontory  We know  how and where to find the best values for our buyers and obtain the highest value for our sellers.  We also know and understand the complexities of new construction.  Our exclusive relationships with architects, builders, interior designers and developers allow us to cater to our client's exclusive needs.  Joe and I set aside time each week to study neighborhood market trends, current developer product and new developer releases .  We preview and tour properties.  We talk with architects, builders and developers. We take  notes on the details - design, floor plans, finish level, landscaping features and overall construction  quality.  And, we listen.

Trabaccone-Olsen  The only two names you need to know.


Blue Bird Day Deer Valley Ski Resort Blue Bird Day Deer Valley Ski Resort

Sky Silver - A Cool Style Lounge

By Darrick Olsen
Jan 30, 2016

?Imagine sitting an open house in the coolest style lounge for Sundance 2016.  Once the Silver Queen Hotel, the upscale urban flats at Sky Silver offer the ultimate in Old Town Park City location and lifestyle.  Enjoy quick access to Park City's Main Street, Park City Mouskysilver and mainntain Resort via the Town Lift, Deer Valley Resort, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  Designed by the Elliot Workgroup, the floor plans are sophisticated, thoughtful and encompass the historical elements of Park City.  The Penthouse has a rooftop terrace and is ideal for entertaining, lounging or enjoying a sunset.


Park City Real Estate News

By Darrick Olsen
Oct 31, 2015

The transition to Engel & Voelkers Park City has been phenomenal.  To us, it is headline making Park City Real Estate News.   Joe and I appreciate being welcomed and endorsed by owners and advisors of the leading, luxury real estate brand.

Autumn Ski Runs Autumn Hike, Ski Run Views - Water and Mountain

By combining the global presence and premium branding of Engel & Voelkers Real Estate with our specialized grasp of the local market and commitment to our profession, we are benefiting our clientele with a  tailored level of service.    This is an exciting time.

Park City real estate news is constantly changing.  When we are not  taking a listing or touring properties with buyers, Joe and I  are visiting contractors on job sites, meeting with colleagues, holding and attending weekly open houses, studying architecture, build and design trends or researching the Park City/Deer Valley markets. We know the latest Park City Real Estate News.

And, we are always enjoying the Park City lifestyle with family and friends.  Wouldn't you enjoy getting to see  that view with your family?

Find a Park City Real Estate Agent

By Darrick Olsen
Oct 12, 2015

The best Park City real estate agents help their clients buy and sell real estate.  Engel & Völkers - Trabaccone Olsen Advisors does more.  We offer you guidance and insight in ways not every agent can.  In fact, we are designates as "Advisors", to better define the higher level of service we provide.  Engel & Völkers - Trabaccone Olsen Advisors maintains consistently high levels of service experience by managing performance at every level and having a deep understanding that client service is essential.  We start out great and always strive to be better.

On Deck - Dillon & Andrew Playing a Private Client Event On Deck - Dillon & Andrew
Playing a Private Client  Cultural Event

First and foremost, we are the experts. We can recommend restaurants, movie theaters, financial institutions, popular tourist attractions and cultural events. Most importantly, we can talk about the Park City real estate market and where your property is in the bigger picture.   We will provide you with valuable insight that is relevant to your personalized needs and see to every detail throughout the process so you won't have to worry.




Best of Tuhaye and Talisker

By Darrick Olsen
Oct 05, 2015

Owners of Park City/Deer Valley second homes and ski condos, who have enjoyed Park City/Deer Valley as their second home and their family ski vacation tradition, are deciding now that the kids are grown, this is the place for mom and dad to make their primary residence.   With the new golf clubhouse open and operating, Tuhaye is the ideal family community to reside, continue the family tradition for more generations and have the best of both worlds - The Talisker Club at Empire Pass and The Mark O'Meara designed Tuhaye Golf Course.

Our new listing at 9945 N. Timpanogos Court is Prominently situated on one of Tuhaye's hilltop sites this home has views of the Mark O'Meara golf course and Deer Valley Ski Resort. This 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom  home has a large open area and more intimate spaces to capture the spectacular views.  The luxurious finishes include materials used from a varied palette and enhance this very functional and easy flow floor plan.  The kitchen and culinary facilities allow for intimate family dinners and entertaining for groups. Every room in the house invites guests to relax. Includes furnishings and state of the art Meridian theater and electronic equipment.9945 N Timpanogos Circle Kamas-MLS_Size-001-1-019945TimpanogosCir01-1800x1200-72dpi9945 N Timpanogos Circle Kamas-MLS_Size-004-5-039945TimpanogosCir03-1800x1200-72dpi

Another Incredible Park City Summer!!

By Darrick Olsen
Sep 14, 2015

Samsung Photos 178PowellOur summer started one way.  After after we pulled it out of the ditch, it turned out to be incredible.  Here's to our new association with Engle & Voelker.

To all our past, current and future clients -

THANK YOU,  Darrick and Joe

It's all about Timing - Real Estate, Golf & Prom

By Darrick Olsen
May 13, 2015

Yogi Berra put it well, "You don't have to swing hard to hit a home run.  If you got the timing, it'll go".   Those words can also be applied to real estate, golf and asking a girl to Prom.  Park City High School Senior, star basketball player and not too shabby golfer, Logan Holbrook, has the right idea about all three.   It's all about timing.  From the tee box in this photo, Logan confidently hit eight golf balls into the back yard of the girl he asked to Prom - May I Take You To Prom From Logan - one word on each ball.  His timing was perfect.  Of course, his Realtor found the right house.

Swinging For Prom Teeing Off For Prom

The timing for golf properties at Jeremy Ranch, Victory Ranch, Glenwild, Park Meadows, Red Ledges and Promontory is perfect.  The number of new construction starts for luxury custom homes is still increasing.  I spoke to one excavator, who has more than 50 holes to dig.  All are in one of the superior private golf communities located in the Park City/Deer Valley area.

For the first time in quite a few years, on June 20th, Promontory will be holding a launch for new developer lots.  The prices will be between $560,000 and just over $1mm.   Along with the Nicklaus Hillside Village model homes, the Grand Opening of the Nicklaus Painted Valley clubhouse will be held.

This is one of those opportunities that not only will a buyer need to time perfectly, they will need to have all the relevant  information, as well.  Logan had the timing.  How did he find the right location?  Promontory is a superbly planned community that has been approved for almost 1,900 units.  What's new?  What's the best of the new?  What are all the nuances associated with a developer launch?   What Promontory product may fit your needs just as well, if not better?  Which Private Golf Community is the best fit for your particular lifestyle?   How do you get all Luxury Golf Community information?  Which Realtors know all the golf product in the Park City area?  Who has the information that is most valuable to you?

Trabaccone-Olsen    The only two names you need to know.

Gaper Day Park City Mountain Resort

By Darrick Olsen
Apr 03, 2015

As you can see, "Gaper Day" was a big hit this year. The ski resorts are winding down early and the golf courses are gearing up early.

The Winners Are  Michael, Dillon, Alec, Sam The Winners Are Michael, Dillon, Alec, Sam

Deer Valley Resort closes Sunday and Park City Municipal Golf Course opened today.  Vail's Epic pass is largely responsible for the increase in new skier visits.  The unanimous city approval of the $150mmVail capital improvements, the Gondola connecting Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons Ski Resort, Park City Mountain Resort will be the larges ski resort by acreage in the United States.   "This is definitely the place".

My friend needs a realtor. Will you...YES!!

By Darrick Olsen
Feb 28, 2015

During the past week, we have been previewing homes, in order to do a market analysis for a new client, who was referred to us by...well, we don't drop names - let's just say an existing client, who

Every Thing You Need Every Thing You Need - $3,800,000

paid us the compliment of another referral.  And, we are sharing this valuable information with you.   Our new client is interested in private communities that are about 15 minutes from  Old Town Park City and 30-40 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport.   Their price point is above $2mm.  We conducted our research in the  requested communities.  We found that the listing and sales prices for 2014 increased over 2013.   For 2015,  sales of homes priced $2mm and up are on the rise.   Ask and we'll send you our list of the homes,  we have toured and have determined are very good values.

  Here is an example.  In the Talisker community of Tuhaye for 2014 the highest sales prices were achieved by two of our listings.  In January 2014, our listing at 10050 N. Uinta Drive sold for $1,850,000.  In October 2014, our listing at 9885 Timpanogos Court sold for $1,850,000.   "Yesterday's ceiling is tomorrow's floor".   As of February 2015, there is a pending sale in Tuhaye - a gated, private golf course community - with a listing price of $2,495,000.  Our sources indicate that the sales price is definitely above the $2mm mark.   Stay tuned.
For the past three years, a gradual and consistent stair step increase in listing and selling price has been the indicator not just of a recovering market, but also validation of a stable and improving real estate market.  Combine that validation with decreasing  inventory,  increasing demand and the current projections for consistent population growth in and around Park City, Utah...there isn't one person reading this, who needs me to explain more.   But, I will.  Contact me.

How Is The Snow In Park City and Should I Buy Real Estate?

By Darrick Olsen
Feb 14, 2015

Let's get it all out on the table, right up front.  When it is February, nearly 60 degrees and sunny in a ski town, you still won't find better snow or have a better ski vacation than you will in Park City/Deer Valley, Utah.  And as you can see from my photos, the Canyons Plaza and Cabriolet is  definitley a cool place to be.  The views from the top of the Canyons are - in the words of the two self proclaimed  "surfer - snow boarders", who rode the lift with me, "Dude, this is totally dope!"  Seasoned by his buddy with insightful follow-up, "Yeah, totally dope!"

On the ride up the lift, I had already discovered they were visiting from "SoCal".  Curiosity got me.  What inspired them to spontaneously drive to Park City from Southern California?  "Oh, Dude.  The Epic Pass, man.  It's totally sick".   "We decided to jet up for the long weekend and chillax, then jet back to P.V."   (We decided to drive up, have fun, relax; then drive back to Palos Verdes whenever we feel like it)  "Park City rocks!!" need for me to sell it.

Back to Real Estate - Two guys in their late twenties.  One is single.  One is married and has two children.   One is in the tech industry.  One is in sports marketing.   Both are very astute.  And, both are bi-lingual.  The generational board dude lingo quickly morphed into an MBA exam.    Their questions to me?  1- Where can  we send the ladies shopping and meet them for dinner?   2- Is now a good time to buy?   After answering the first question, I went right to the second.    Answer - YES!  It's a very good time to buy.   A few reasons to buy?  1- Vail Resorts and their proposed $150mm capital investment in Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons.  2- Supply is is shrinking.  3- The cost to develop new product has increased and will require increased sales prices.   4- Where else can they buy a second home that is 30 minutes from an international airport,  a 90 minute flight or one day drive from California and has the endless year -round amenities we have in Park City, Utah?   As the saying goes, you come for the winters, but stay for the summers.    It's all about lifestyle, Dude!!

A Cool Place To Be A Cool Place To Be

"Dude, This Is Dope...Totally Dope" "Dude, This Is Dope...Totally Dope"

What is the strongest segment of the Park City real estate market?

By Darrick Olsen
Feb 05, 2015

The strongest segment would be  new construction with modern or contemporary  design influences. Ski-in/ski-out  homes and condos, particularly in upper Deer Valley/Empire Pass and the Colony At White Pine are highly desired. There is a very strong demand for the Stein Eriksen Residences.  Prices start at $2.4m go as high as $6.9mm...if the buyer adds adds custom features as many do, the purchase price is higher.  There are 26 Pending sales between $2.25m and nearly $8m.

New homes located in the gated community of the Colony at White Pine Canyon have been brisk. Prices start at $3,750,000 and go as high as  $24,600,000.   During the past six months, seven homes have sold between $4.25m and $12.75m.


Sundance 2015 Have You Ever Met A Celebrity At The Sundance Film Festival?

By Darrick Olsen
Jan 24, 2015

No.  I've never met a celebrity at the Sundance Film Festival.   I don't seem to recognize them, until the moment has past and somebody says to me, "Hey, that was...".   While eating at Redrock Cafe,  I've had dinner next to Cameron Diaz.   I didn't know, until the waiter told me.   At the Park City Market, I was in line behind Kevin Bacon.   I didn't know, until  the cashier asked, "Did you talk to Kevin Bacon?".    Coming out of the Sky Lodge, I walked past Ryan Kwanton a few years ago.   I know that, because my wife said, "That was Ryan Kwanton".

The only Celebrity that  I have seen is Cheech Marin.   He lives in Park City.  He drives a yellow Lambroghini.  Actually, I recognized the yellow Lambroghini first.  I saw Cheech in the Deer Valley parking lot.  I've never met Cheech, but I keep hearing what a cool guy he is.  So, time....  And I last summer, I drove past Katherine Heigle as he came through the  gated entrance to  Maple Ridge Ranches.  Katherine has a home there.   Again, somebody had to tell me.

What is your take away?  I'm focused on Real Estate.  I know this town.   I know the neighborhoods.  I know the restaurants.   I know where to find and how to help you buy Real Estate.

Empire Pass at Deer Valley - VIEWS

By Darrick Olsen
Jan 14, 2015

What Else Is There To Say?  See You At Our Next Open House !!

Park City-Deer Valley-Empire Pass-Knowledge-Trabaccone OlsenLady Morgan From Nakoma

Lady Morgan At Deer Valley From Nakoma

Sunset View From Empire Pass Overlook Park City Sunset And Cloud s - View From Empire Pass Overlooking Old Town  Park City

Empire Pass and Silver Lake Deer Valley

By Darrick Olsen
Jan 07, 2015

The weather is incredible, the snow is better and Empire Pass at Deer Valley has everything.  Ski-in Ski-out condos and townhomes are in demand.    The Belles has great access to both the Banner and Silver Buck Trails at Deer Valley Resort.  The Belles Five and six bedroom residences offer welcoming floor plans with multiple master suites, as well as down valley and ski slope views.  Nakoma residences offer unobstructed views of Lady Morgan, Bald Mountain and Old Town Park City.  Ski out your door directly onto Woodside Trail to Lady Morgan Chair.  The design quality is excellent and fresh.  The Stein Erikson Residences offer a number of very well thought out floor plans, modern design features and as with everything at Deer Valley - location, location, location.  Talisker Club memberships are included or available at all three of these spectacular developments.

Contact us for the most up to date information on these and other Deer Valley/Park City/Canyons properties.

Trabaccone Olsen November

By Darrick Olsen
Nov 28, 2014

207288Along with the rest of Park City, Joe and I enjoyed all four seasons in one month.  One of the best kept secrets of Park City, Utah is what we locals call an "Indian Summer".  This year was particularly outrageous. We were golfing and fishing one week, then rushing to get first tracks at Park City Mountain Resort the next.  One week the PCMR Alpine Slide, the next Neff World.  These two photos were taken less than 30 days apart.  In one, you can see incredible pastel fall colors we enjoyed and in the other, the same view one day before the  2014/2015 season opening of Park City Mountain Resort.  Not only is the lifestyle phenomenal, two locations we think that buyers should really be looking are the areas at the base of both Vail owned Park City, Utah ski resorts.   The opportunities are unlimited, but the supply of real estate is limited.  Touring properties on consistent basis and keeping meticulous notes allows us stay on top of the market.  We feel this is extremely important and valuable to our clients. Knowing where the best values are located, why they are the best values and why it is the best time for our clients to buy or sell is what sets us apart.    What's happening in Park City?  What are they people talking about in the restaurants and clubs?  Real Estate.  And, for Park City real estate, we are the only two names you need to know.

We Are Bullish On Park City and Deer Valley

By Darrick Olsen
Nov 24, 2014

Bulish on Park CityAfter spending two full days scoping out real estate, everything we have seen tells us the real estate market is improving and will keep improving.   Not only is new construction underway in every neighborhood we visited, each neighborhood has multiple homes in various stages of construction and re-model.  It seems spending $4.5m for a home and another $2m remodeling it is the new normal.   The dramatic increase in the amount of commercial construction provides additional validation that we are in a Bull Market.  Not a speculative market, but a solid and legitimate increase in real estate prices and value.   What did we confirm on our two day tour?   Approximately 90 percent of the new residential construction are custom built homes.  An almost equally large percentage of development product has reservations made and end users waiting.   The commercial development under construction is owner use or has already been leased.  Overall inventory is low.  So, what's missing? Answer:  New homes in ski and golf communities.  It's no secret buyers want new.  It is very difficult to find a buyer a new or very recently remodeled and updated product of quality that has a modern/contemporary, new and fresh feel; and a simple, functional floor plan.  Not only did Joe and I spend two full days last week, we spend at least one day a week every week - much like a picker hunts for art and antiques - looking for the best lots, builders, architects and locations for our clients.  We know Park City, Deer Valley and the surrounding areas.  If you want to know what we know, give us a call or contact through our web site.  Bulish on Park City

Park City Mountain Resort

By Darrick Olsen
Nov 22, 2014

Opening Day Park City Mountain Resort, Park City Utah

Vail Associates debuts today as the new owners of Park City Mountain Resort. Many events have been planned throughout the day: Park City Utah Real Estate  

From PCMR: Here's the Opening Day plan: three lifts will serve six runs, two terrain parks and a jump line. PayDay Chairlift will service beginner and intermediate terrain; with additional beginner terrain available via First Time Lift; while 3 Kings Lift will provide access to a jib set-up in lower 3 Kings park, beginner park in upper First Time, and a jump line on Quicksilver.

Park City Mountain Resort Skiing

Opening Day Event Program: 8:00 am: Free coffee, hot cocoa and donuts in resort plaza 8:50 am: Season-opening remarks delivered by Chief Operating Officer Bill Rock at bottom of PayDay Lift 9:00 am: PayDay, 3 Kings, First Time lifts open for season 1:00 – 3:00 pm: Live après music by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones in resort plaza

Employees will be around the mountain distributing commemorative SWAG giveaways and an events program will begin the day. There will be reemarks from new Chief Operating Officer Bill Rock. The Opening Day free coffee, donuts and hot chocolate will be served in the resort plaza beginning at 8:00 am.

Significant Sale: 9885 N Timpanogos Circle Tuhaye Sold At $1,850,000

By Darrick Olsen
Nov 11, 2014

Tuhaye Golf Sold in Tuhaye!

We are excited to announce another Single Family home sale at Tuhaye which closed in late October 2014.  This property had previously been listed for over two years.  The Seller noticed our sales results with Tuhaye properties and came to us with one question.  "How can I get this house sold"?

After carefully assessing the property and considering the seller's needs, we presented a simple and concise marketing plan with a critical path.   Our primary focus was to breathe new life into a listing that had been languishing on the market.  We concentrated on many small items that we felt had been overlooked such as rearranging the furnishings to create a better feel.  We also had the windows cleaned to allow prospective buyers to clearly and easily notice the incredible ski and golf views.  A cleaning service was hired to polish the kitchen appliances and fixtures.  After some good old fashion yard work and professional photography, we hit the re-set button and went to work marketing and holding open houses to create renewed interest in the property.

This is a testimonial that doing the basics works.  The eventual buyer had previously passed on this property.   While visiting one of our open houses we were able to re-engage the buyer, point out the many features and benefits they had previously overlooked and work closely with the buyer's agent to complete the sale.

The result for us was not only another Tuhaye sale, but a very happy seller and a very excited new Talisker member.

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